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4.29.20 The New Now: A Virtual Panel—Not Your Average Zoom Call

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Full video of panel below!

On April 29th, we held a panel that brought together Kathleen Cohen (an XR Immersive and Experience Strategist), Björn Myreze (CEO and Founder of MYREZE), and our very own Yan Krymsky—with LAForward7 member Norah Altwaijri as the panel facilitator—into a virtual set to discuss these questions and more, opening up questions to those attending the panel.

Check out the video if you missed the live panel, and be sure to comment below!

Tip: Before watching, sign into or create a YouTube account so you can see the chat in real time on the sidebar.

Some of the questions we asked the panelists include:

  • We may have a “back to human" stage before going full meta. What will that look like? How do we transition from a “Flatland” to “Dimensional Humanity”?

  • What is Björn’s physical set? Is he in his kitchen, with a massive green screen?

  • If VR can be used for concerts how can VR and the digital built environment help to democratize the school experience and take out social inequity many kids experience in the built environment?

  • In looking at the realities of creating a virtual set, what possibilities do you see for designers (architects, interior designers, etc.) to design the real-life set, that includes a green screen, cameras, and more?

  • How will monetization of sets work? Do you see firms like ours buying a "kit of sets"? Subscription based?

  • The metaverse is a great space but how are we, the people, handling that?

  • Many media outlets are talking about "Zoom Fatigue"how can we mitigate the effects of this over-processing of information without completely abandoning virtual conferencing?

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