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Analog Marketing Charrette Series Wrap-up!

Thank you to the participants of August’s Analog Marketing charrette series!

In Part I, we came up with some killer ways to get great clients using found objects as our inspiration!

In Part II, we honed our marketing mindsets by creating analog-style guerrilla marketing campaigns to get a company’s message out into the world in some very unconventional ways.

Dive into Parts I and II below and let us know what you think in the comments box. Ask participants questions about their ideas too! Also, feel free to send us your amazing analog marketing ideas and we'll add them to this post.

Part I Design Brief:

Imagine you work for a marketing agency and are pursuing a new client (client was determined by one of the found objects). In order for the client to select YOU, you’ll need an unprecedented delivery method for your pitch that makes you stand out from the other marketing agencies. Win the job by using an analog method to deliver your presentation.

Part II Design Brief:

Imagine you work for a marketing agency and have won a job to create a marketing campaign for your client. They have requested that the campaign be done using analog/guerilla marketing techniques. Come up with a clever and unique analog marketing campaign for your client.

Miguel M, Flor, and Dean: Magnolia Dentistry mask campaign

Fernanda and Peggy: Martha Home billboard and apple recipe recorder hand-out campaign

Thank you again to all participants, please leave your comments and questions in the comments below!


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