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“Doin’ it for the ‘gram” is played.

Remember going to an event and everyone had their phones out? Photos taken in front of wings painted on brick walls, in front of over-sized chrome teddy bears, in the brightly coordinated ball pit/ice cream parlor/rose party were de riguer.

You aren’t alone in recognizing that these carefully crafted images were lacking, soulless, and, TBH, distracting from the actual event. Today, the most important trend for restaurant design is thought to be a backlash against those instagrammable moments. Hospitality Noir as some are calling it. Think a return to subtlety and mystery, and thankfully, a lot less interiors shouting at us.

Check out these links below.

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Restaurants could start painting their walls brown as an anti-Instagram measure

Should architects design provocatively ugly architecture that does not conform to Instagram's aesthetic conventions?

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