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LAForward Kick Off

On April 23rd we had our first event, which was done virtually on Teams.

Our focus was discussing the problems we are facing due to COVID. Having experienced what we have the last year, we have learned that some people are more susceptible to catching viruses because of social determinants such as where people live, learn, work, play and worship. These factors have a wide range of risks and outcomes associated with them. We have also learned that the people who are the most effected are racial and ethnic minorities, people with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Racial and ethnic minorities are represented among essential workers who can’t work remotely and involve interaction with the public, therefore putting them more at risk for contracting viruses. They might also be more likely to live in multi-generational homes, crowded conditions and densely populated areas. This can make quarantining and social distancing more difficult. The connections that these people have with others’, where the virus can’t be transmitted, are harder to control. Some people are more privileged than others. For example, us. We can keep our jobs and support ourselves and our families because we have the opportunity to work from home. Some students, their schools have provided them with laptops so they can have access to their teachers and be able to school from home. There are many people out there who these luxuries and they are suffering because of it. We shared the following perspectives via videos and then we split up into breakout rooms where we discussed in smaller groups.

Work at home mothers:


Low income / minority:

Senior citizens:


These are the scenarios discussed in the breakout rooms. Each person was assigned a scenario and then responded to the first question below. It was amazing to see everyone embrace their assigned perspective and share their issues. Everyone shared and everyone helped by providing ideas to the following two questions.

At the end of the kick-off event, we came together and shared our final thoughts. We hope everyone is looking forward to our future events where we will dive deeper into connections!

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