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New Day, New Dollar Challenge: Sign up today using these instructions!

Updated: May 14, 2020

Challenge runs 5.11.20 – 5.29.20


Step 1: With your phone, take a picture of the QR code below OR go to the App Store/Google Play Store to download the Invstr app.

Step 2: Once the app is downloaded, click the OPEN button. Click the GET STARTED button. Step 3: Sign up for Invstr with your email address. You will need to type in your email, select a password, first name, last name. Step 4: Click the GET STARTED button. Step 5: Select a Portfolio – you will be presented with three bundle options or you can build your own (some bundle examples include Tech Junkie, Sports Star Index, and Brand Swag. Tech Junkie has the most cryptocurrency options.) Step 6: This takes you to a new screen. Click PICK PORTFOLIO. Now you are done with set up and can begin to trade! Step 7: Click on your profile picture in the top left of the screen and take a screenshot. Step 8: Email your screenshot to LAForward7 and we will send you an email to join the LAForward7 league. Step 9: There is a short video you can watch on the app to learn more about how to invest/trade. Step 10: You can now sign up for unlimited trades for one month free to be able to play more freely. Or just watch your portfolio grow and/or shrink! Please let us know if you have questions or need assistance via our Teams channel. We’re here for you! GOOD LUCK!

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